Thursday, May 01, 2008


I have a large list of birds that I have yet to photograph and some of these are seasonal especially the passage spring migrants. This gives a limited window of time in which to get some photos. Two species that I have on this years target list are Whinchat and Yellow Wagtail. Both species have proved elusive to me with only tantilising glimpses of these birds at distance. I was out on my local patch yesterday and six Whinchat arrived. What I had not appreciated until recently was how difficult to photograph these birds are. They are highly mobile and have a knack of seeming to disappear and also seem to have a strong aversion to human presence. However, I perserved with the six birds and managed to get my first photographs of this species in their beautiful spring plumage.

Just need to find some yellow wagtails now!!


Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful shots. I think we all have a secret "wish list" of things we hope to photograph.

kjpweb said...

Beautiful - as are the images of the previous posts. My wishlist is never empty...funny enough though - once I got one from my list - it seems that I see them more often after that!
Great work! Cheers, Klaus

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Stacey and Klaus for your replies. My list seems to be ever expanding. I know exactly what you mean Klaus. Some birds take ages to find and see and then you can't seem to avoid them. As we say in the UK, you wait for ver for a bus to arrive and then 7 turn up all at once. There cannot be a better feeling than getting in close on a new species for the first time.




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