Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wood Warbler

The other day I took a trip out with my friend Steve to some oak woods in North Wales looking for summer migrant species. The focus of the trip was mainly wood warbler and pied flycatcher. The latter must still be sitting on eggs as activity was low and I just managed a shot of this female.
The wood warblers were in the same place that they were last year. This site is unusual as the birds use low trees as song perches, rather than the tree canopy where they are normally found. This makes it possible to to photograph a normally very difficult but beautiful species. The electric song really lights up the atmosphere of the woods. For those interested in how the song sounds it can be found here:

I concentrated the majority of the visit on one bird that was moving in fluttering song flight around its territory. It was difficult shooting conditions with dappled woodland light and lots of obscuring vegetation.
The bird moving round gave a good variety of perches, lighting and bachgrounds to the photographs.
and spent virtually the whole day in song.
I will be returning soon for the pied flycatchers.

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