Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Local Wanderings
I always consider myself lucky to have such a great variety of bird habitat on my doorstep, which gives me plenty of different birds to go and photograph. My only wish was that my back garden was of a bigger size and better location to attract a wider variety of birds. The main stay of the visitors are the constantly squabbling Goldfinch which are a welcome and colourful addition to the garden.I have been recently concentrating on some warblers, although the grasshopper warbler have remained elusive. The warblers present a real challenge to photograph mainly due to their preference for lurking deep in vegetation. Here are a few recent photos.
Sedge warbler
Reed warbler, unsurprisngly in some reeds!!Common whitethroat
and Willow Warbler at first lightI am still coming across the occasional migrant wheatear on passage. For this bird I was lying in full camo gear on top of a limestone outcrop close to where a few of these nervous birds were feeding. Fortune shined when one came and landed on a rock right next me.

To finish off this post I found a treecreeper nest the other day. This is a species I have not photographed much so was not going to pass up the opportunity of photographing the birds on their approach into the nest site with beaks full on insects.


Stacey Huston said...

Asolutly stunning photos once again..

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Stunning set of shots Rich, the Treecreeper is a real treat, very nice. I would agree its not a bad place we live in for birds. Mike (fenskem - Birdforum)

Rich Steel said...

Stacey and Mike many thanks for your comments. The tree creeper was tricky as it was in low light so I was not getting much shutter speed for some fast moving birds.

Mike I recognise that fox on your avatar from a local squirrel reserve!!!




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