Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Supercharged Mini-Predator

I was out the other day looking for some birds to photograph and it was fairly quiet with little showing. The corner of my eye caught some movement in some rocks that had been used to make a sea defence wall. That movment was an actively hunting weasel. My encounters with weasel in the past have always been without a camera in hand and been a brief glimpse as one has shot across a road like a hotdog sausage strapped to a rocket. This too was a fairly short meeting and the speed of this hunting animal was quiet remarkable and coupled with the terrain, made for some difficult photography.
Don't let this 'happy face' and their small size fool you as this is one very efficient and active predator. As they have such a high metabloic rate, which is well reflected in their movements, they have to eat a lot of prey in a day to prevent rapid starvation.


Stacey Huston said...

What a great encounter. Now you know why it was quiet. Even the birds know to hush and hold still when this little critter in around.. Beautiful photos. I know well how quick they are.. thanks for sharing

Jane said...

What a beautiful creature. I've never seen one... you are so lucky! Thank god you had your camera. You might not have had long, but they are great shots. Jane

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Stacey and Jane. I would love to have another go trying to photograph a weasel but unfortunately it is not something that can be easily planned and so you just have to try and make the most of such chance encounters.




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