Saturday, May 24, 2008

Meet the Redstarts

A pair of redstarts have appeared in the same place as last year, so I intend to spend some time with them over the next few weeks. I believe the female may be sitting on eggs at the moment as her appearances are brief, and both birds are not frantically collecting insects to feed those insaitable gaping mouths back at the nest.

My first visit was very early in the morning, creating some strong side lighting on the female perched one of my target branches.
Later the sun moved round and started to light the background.
Curious as usual. The male has been less confident with my presence at first, but seems to have totally settled down now. Always great pleasure to have one of these stunning birds in front of the lens at close quarters.
Hopefully I will be able to post more photos of the pair, and with luck some young, over the coming weeks.


Little Brown Job said...

Beautifully lit shots Richard.


Photo-Africa said...

Love how you played with the early morning light! Nice images!!

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks Paul. It has been a real pleasure to photograph the redstarts again.




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