Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ladies Day
Generally it is the male bird that has the more impressive colours and when given a choice the lens is automatically attracted towards the colourful. So when it comes to photography the females birds can sometimes be a little neglected. This is coupled with the fact that females can be less bold than the males and so be more wary and difficult to photograph.

I was out the other day and came across a female stonechat in great condition and cooperative mood.
Onwards to the next perch

Last week I set up a mini feeding station hoping for some redstarts. I paid it a brief visit the other morning and pleased to see pair of birds visiting. The male bird was still cautious but the female was visiting regularly enough to get a few photographs.

Hopefully I should get some photos of a very colourful male bird next week. At the feeding station, I also set up a seed feeder close by and was pleased to see some siskin visiting, which I have not photographed for a while. As you can imagine I am looking foward to my next session there.


Stacey Huston said...

the lighting in these shots is amazing thanks for sharing

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the comment Stacey. I will be posting some more shots of these beautiful birds very soon.




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