Thursday, May 08, 2008

Local Little Egret

One of these birds seems to have taken up residence on the shore close to my home. I have been paying it an occasional visit when my time there coincided with the right tidals conditions.
It has taken up home on the mud and sand banks of the estuary and tends to forage along the gulley areas at low water.Those yellow feet don't stay that way for long when wading through estuary mud.
Moving in for the killAn elegant bird in flight.


Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful group of photos. Love number two.. very unique..

Little Brown Job said...

Great shots, love the reflections.


kjpweb said...

Great shots, Richard. Very interesting to see. We here in Florida don't have the little Egret, which looks like a mixture of our immature (head) and mature (feet) Snowy Egret. And seeing that bird so similar, yet so different is very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing and Cheers, Klaus

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for your comments Stacey, Paul and Klaus.

Florida is definately on my places to visit with the camera one day!!! Little Egret are still a bit of a novelty in the UK as they have only really appeared in numbers in the last 15 years. We do occasionally get a Great white egret here to. Interestingly this winter there was a mini invasion of cattle egrets which seem to be staying, so they might be next one to show an expansion. There is certainly no shortage of cattle here for them to play with.




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