Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seeking Yellow Wagtails

I have a mini project going at the moment trying to get some photos of yellow wagtails. These are always remained elusive to me but managed to find a couple of pairs recently. They are in a difficult situation to photograph and tricky birds to approach, but I am starting to get some pictures now. What I really need now is some good soft light to photograph them in rather than harsh sunlight. The main problem with the site where they are is that it seems to suffer from heat haze that starts about 9:30am on a sunny day and prevent any further photography as the camera struggles to focus.
This male bird was gaining some good camouflage by using this black and yellow painted post as a perch. A problem with photographing at this site is the sun quickly swings round to produce images with too much contrast and side lighting.
Both male and female birds make occasional forays to feed along one of the tracks. This is the male bird which absolutely glows in full sun.
I still have not achieved the photos that I am after but have not finished with them yet.

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