Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shortened Session

I popped out last Saturday morning with the intention of going to photograph some skylark. I was not going to bother going out at first as there was thick cover of cloud and light was in short supply. The session started well with finding a male stonechat moving along some fence posts
The skylarks were not playing the game and so I decided to return to the car 30 minutes later and try elsewhere. Unfortunately when I returned to the car some idiot (thats the polite version !!) had put a brick through my passenger side window and had a good look through the contents of the glove compartment. It appears nothing was taken and they even left the CD's which is probably a reflection of my musical taste. So the session came to an abrupt end there and then and I had to spend the rest of the day sorting out and waiting for my window to be repaired.

I suppose it was bound to happen one day with the car being left in remote places and on its own in the early mornings but really its a sad reflection of the times we live in.


Jane said...

Great stonechat pictures. I've seen lots recently down at Kimmeridge and Middlebere.

Really sorry to hear about your car. What the hell is wrong with people? Like you I leave my car in quiet places, at strange times of the day. I often think about my own protection (being a girlie) and the car... but it hasn't happened yet.

It is a very sad reflection of our times. Hope it doesn't put you off taking your amazing photographs. I for one would really miss them!

Stacey Huston said...

What a beautiful little bird. I am sorry to hear about your car. But glad no one was hurt, I do have to ask. was your registration(address) in your glove box.. Sorry just the mother in me being cautious, since nothing was taken.. scarry.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the replies. Don't worry it would take a lot more than that to put me off my photography. Something like being struck by a meteorite or lightning might slow me down for an hour or so:)

In fact I returned to the same place the following day to get some skylark shots, which I will put on my next post.

Stacey there was nothing connecting my address with the car in the glove compartment, thankfully. I saw the person that did it as he was lurking around the car park when I arrived. If I see him again, he will be getting photographed!!!

Peter, Wirral said...

Looking forward to the Skylarks.
Are these "Wirral" birds?
A timely reminder to leave my glove compartment empty and open to reduce temptation....windscreen excess is no small change and extremely inconvenient.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the comment Peter. The skylarks are Wirral birds as you can see in my post this morning.

Sometimes you have to wonder if it is best leaving the car unlocked at least it would save all that smashed glass all over the interior.




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