Friday, March 21, 2008

Bread and Camera

These are two essential items if you want to photograph sea gulls. I popped down to my local marine lake to try and get some flight shots of two Mediterranean gull that were reported there but found no sign of them on arrival. So I had a bit of fun with the black-headed gulls, herring gulls and lesser black-backed gulls as the late afternoon light was so nice.

Never ignore the beauty that can be found in the common is my motto and its always good to get some flight shot practice.
This bird had a ringed leg and on the high res file some of the information was visible, so I sent the details off to someone in the know who quickly reported back the bird had been ringed in Lithuania!!Herring gulland Lesser Black-backed gull


Steve Ashton said...

Great images well done. Your so right about seeing the beauty in or common species. Its so easy to think all the great bird images come out of florida. Nice work Richard.

Little Brown Job said...

Great images Richard, you're so right about the common birds, I should spend more time practcing with Black Headed Gulls myself.


Rich Steel said...

Thanks for your replies Steve and Paul. I wish people would spend more time looking at whats around all the time than constantly seeking the rare.




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