Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just for a Change

Before I set out on my journey photographing wild birds and animals, I spent about a year visiting various zoos around the UK. I still enjoy a visit to a zoo with the camera and although the subject is captive there is still a fair degree of skill required in dealing with the challenges of mesh, reflective glass and awkward backgrounds. I have rounded up a very small selection of zoo shots into this compliation. I will start with a couple of black and white images.

Elephants enjoying a bath at Chester Zoo
From Tycross Zoo, the incredible Bonobos, the gentle chimpanze.
and LangurMoving on to some more colourful shots, also from Tycross a 'smiling' (or more likely threat posture) from a Langur.
Asiatic lion at Chester Zoo The elusive (its usually asleep in a holly bush) Pallas's Cat at Edinburgh Zoo

Also from Edinburgh, the steely stare of a Painted Hunting Dog. I have a whole series of shots of the pack feeding of a deer carcass but thought I wouldn't show them due to their graphic nature.
Edinburgh Zoo also holds the last captive Polar bear in the Uk, known as 'Mercedes'To finish off and my favourite Komodo Dragon photo with the dripping toxic saliva!!!


Stacey Huston said...

You have some great photos here. I will be back. Thanks for sharing..w

Little Brown Job said...

Amazing shot of the Lion.

We been to Chester a few times and love it there. Has a pass at Knowsley for two years and loved watching the lions there.


Rich Steel said...

Thanks Stacey and Paul. Its difficult for me to keeping walking past a lion enclosure when I have a camera in my hand!!



Lita said...

Words are not enough to express just how much I enjoy your work. Keep it up :)

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for your comment Lita. It coming into a very busy time of year now for the bird photography.




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