Saturday, March 08, 2008

Return to the Wetland Centre

I was recently back down in London and ahd some free time to pay a brief return visit to the London Wetland Centre. When I arrived it was quiet on the wild bird side of things so I decided to spend a bit of time with some of the captive waterfowl collection.

Long-tailed duck
and a couple of the captive birds bathing.
Having had my fill of the captive birds I decided to move on to try and find some wild birds.
Feeding coot Tufted duck
Gadwall ShovelerLittle grebe in breeding plumage
Taking another dive To finish off I decided to have another go at the Ring-necked parakeets
As I was leaving I got up really close to a parakeet on a feeder.
and so decided to take the opportunity to take a close-up head shot.


Anonymous said...

Richard I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing your superb images!


Jane said...

I don't know how many times I've written "beautiful pictures" in your comments. I wish I could come up with something else... but I can't think what else to say, and they are beautiful! Love the final shot (colours are stunning), but also love the diving grebe - reminded me of a shot that Doug has taken recently over at the Blue Grey blog (of a white duck). I loved the wetland centre. A bit of countryside in a mad town. Jane

Little Brown Job said...

Beautiful shots, especially the Smew.


Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for your comments Jenny, Jane and Paul. Another fun time was had at the Wetland Centre although I will have to return as the water vole have still eluded me.

It was great to get up so close to the Parakeet and it is only then that you can apprecicate the subtle range of colours around the head.




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