Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Low Down

A few post back I mentioned that I was putting togther a ground pod to take low level shots of birds. Bascially I was looking for a support to which I could attach my Wimberley head. One Tefal frying pan, a suitably sized stainless steel bolt, two tap washers and two furniture floor protector cups and it was made.
So armed with the 'Sand Pan' as it is affectionately now known and some very old clothes as I would be lying flat on the ground, I headed down to my local beach to try for some Sanderling. It performed very well and here are a selection of the resulting shots. The low angle creates a nice effect on both background and foreground and generally creates a pleasing composition with well isolated subject.

First a practice shot on a passing turnstoneand then on to some Sanderling

The 'pan' performed well and will make a useful and low cost addition to my kit.


Steve Ashton said...

Great idea and a super set of images. Are you getting on OK with the MKIII?

Jane said...

Hi Rich. Sand Pan is certainly a winner! Some brilliant shots. I love the different viewpoint... I'm almost there getting wet in the waves! What a brilliant use for a frying pan... Jane

Lita said...

Always love your pictures and narration :)

Plus, that's ingenious about the pan-pod!

Little Brown Job said...

Amazing shots, that's a wonderful piece of kit!


Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the replies. I can't claim to have invented this technique as various articles can be found on extra uses for the humble frying pan on the web. However, certainly something I intend to get quite a bit of use from.

Steve I am getting on OK with the mark 3. The quality in colour, tone and detail of some of the images are amazing. It still has moments when I think it should have captured a shot and it fails. For example the other day I got a whole sequence of a passing hare at high shutter speed but every shot went to the waste bin.

Andy said...

Sand on the "To Do List"!


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