Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Recent Raptors

I seem to have a lot of raptors crossing my path recently. Not that I am complaining as it is always good to watch a bird of prey at close quarters.
Buzzards seem to be everywhere and often on a journey to work I might see six different birds. They are quite predictable and will often perch in the same spot for several days running.
The short-eared owls have not yet headed to the hills and so make a great subject on sunny afternoons.I managed to find two different female kestrels in fairly quick succession the other day under some crisp clear blue skies.
The first bird giving me the eye.
and the second bird later in the day; an interesting comparison of how the quality of the light changes and softens as the sun dips.and another bird in the very last of the afternoon light.


Little Brown Job said...

Stunning images again, love the Kestrels, such a beautiful bird.


Jane said...

What a great set of photographs. I'm glad the short eared owls are still around I'm hoping to go and see some at Portland when I get back from the States. Jane

Peter said...

Great blog, I dream of taking such photos but have to content myself trying to observe the wildlife, and much is there to be seen as I drive around. Though driving and spotting are not the safest combination. Keep up the great work!

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Paul, Jane and Peter for your comments. You have to be careful when driving and spotting especially for cars suddenly braking in front of you!!



Gerard van der Net said...

Kestrel is very beautiful. I have made them also of near at from the car.


Rich Steel said...

Thanks Gerard. My car has proved very useful on occasions as a mobile hide.




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