Friday, February 29, 2008

Martin Mere
Martin Mere is always an interesting place to visit and a trip during the winter will always produce plenty of shots. I took a recent visit with my friends Steve and Andy and we settled into the main Swanlink hide. Greylag geese were busy displaying and mating. It is a shame you cannot see the high res version of this shot as the 'dentition' inside that beak is impressive.
A finally display after mating
One of my favourite ducks, the pintail, were present in large numbers and the drakes in superb plumage.
With such stunning drakes in front of you it is easy to forget the female pintail..but I didn't.
Formation Shelducks frequently passed the hide but the light was not really up to giving enough shutter speed to capture flight action.
There were still a big group of Whooper swans present and I decdied leaving photographing them towards the end of the day to get some shots in softer light.
and finally some silouettes in the setting sun.
I also took a pintail silouette shot as I thought the distinctive shape might be effective.


Little Brown Job said...

Lovely Pintail shots and the silouettes are great.


Rich Steel said...

Thanks Paul. It is always good when you have some nice light to play with.



Pixel-Pixie said...

Even though you say the Shelducks were not captured in the best of light, that is nevertheless a fantastic fact this whole range is wonderful. What a talent behind the camera you are!

Tanya (in Kenya)

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for the comment Tanya.


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