Monday, February 11, 2008

Not Quite to Plan
Waxwings are a bird that have eluded me a little as the last two winters have only seen the UK get small influxes which have mainly been to the north and east. A couple of birds have been hanging around at Batley near Leeds. So I decided to pop in for a quick visit while passing the other day. Half the battle was won with firstly finding the birds but it quickly became obvious I was going to struggle with the light at an difficult angle in relation to the tree they were sitting in which was at the top of a bank. The problems were further compounded by a gale force wind blowing straight up the road. I managed a couple of shots but not really the ones I was after. Hopefully we will get a big influx next winter :)


Sandpiper said...

Great shots! I always have trouble photographing waxwings here. They seem to like to perch behind every branch and twig imaginable, and at an angle, where it feels like my neck could break. LOL

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Sandpiper. It was the wind that really caused most of the problem on the day as they were sheltering towards the centre of the tree which was swaying around in the strong gusts.




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