Friday, February 22, 2008

Bird World

On a recent trip down to London I took a brief afternoon visit to Bird World near Farnham. With captive birds you have to try and work with each enclosure and in some shots are just not possible. I used the 300mm lens for the visit as you need a longer focal lens to 'lose' the mesh of the cages.
Starting with some of those great eyelashes of a hornbill
Staying with the close up views, the business end of an eagle owl
A macaw that was plucking its own shoulder feathers.

Headshot of a crowned crane

Hooded mergansers are beautiful birds especially with the hood fully raised. Hopefully I will get to photograph one in the wild one day.

A dozing Tawny owl
To finish off, a reminded of how Christmas dinner started out !!!. They are strange birds turkeys with the most incredible faces.


Sandpiper said...

All spectacular pictures! I love the shot of the Ground Hornbill. I watched several of these birds while on a trip to South Africa, and it was challenging to get pictures because they never stopped moving.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for your comment Sandpiper. Those hornbills are certainly impressive birds.



Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi Richard!! I love the close ups and the sharp detail in your photos today.

I gave your blog an award today, check out my blog and pick up your Academy Award! Cheers

Pixel-Pixie said...

Hi Richard,
You have such excellent bird photos here - wow.
I live in Kenya and we used to have a "pet" Ground Hornbill (we rescued it when its nest tree fell down - it was just a chick - eventually we rehabilitated the adult back into the wild.)
I'm a nature lover too - if you're into African wildlife, take a look at my Kenyan Wilderness Diary...
Great to see your fabulous images -
Happy birding,

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the award Island I will have to preapre and acceptance speech :)

Tanya thanks for your comment. Good to hear you saved the hornbill it must have made an interesting pet. I took a look at your Blog and it must be amazing to be surround by such superb wildlife.




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