Friday, February 15, 2008

Hares on the Move

Its coming to that time of year when the hares will be entering their 'March Madness ' as breeding and battles of dominance get under way. Having started a bit late last year I intend to give them a good deal of time over the next few weeks to see if I can capture some of the action. I did a short session of with them last weekend but they were quite skittish and obviously their hormones have not yet fully taken over their brains.


Jane said...

Hi Rich. Great photos. I'm going to try and video some hares this year. Haven't videoed this animal before, so may have some trouble. Any tips for getting near to them? or is it just a matter of wait and see and hide yourself away behind a bush in the meantime? I guess when the hormones click in they don't take so much notice of "outsiders". Thanks for these photos they have got me thinking about tactics for watching them!

Rich Steel said...

Hi Jane

Thanks for your comment. The best plan is to try and find them 'preoccupied' which is why spring is good and has the bonus of getting some good action. Generally they are very wary and you need to be well hidden. If you can find a field with a track or road alongside then you can use your car as a mobile hide but make sure you don't cause an obstruction or accidently venture on to private land.

Little Brown Job said...

Great shots, I'm hoping to see some in the fields during our weekend walks.


shirl said...

Hi again, Rich :-)

Great to see you getting new hare shots - I loved your ones last year :-D

I am also intersted in your 'buzzard' project for this year. I regularly see them on fenceposts on a strip of road a few miles from where I live and would love to get shots myself. I am loking forward to seing yours throughout the year :-D

I just stopped by to tell you that I have nominated you for a Blog Award :-D

Peggy said...

BEAUTIFUL photos! Love the birds, and the hare photos are so clear I feel that I could reach out and pet them.

I take a lot of grebe photos here in Florida, but, while the birds are cute, they are not nearly as impressive as your crested grebe. (I'm a bit jealous).

I'm so glad you have posted these.


Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the comments, Peter, Shirl and Peggy. The hares have still not got into the swing of things and the recent frost seemed to put them down a bit but I'm sure the next few weeks will hopefully provide some opportunities.

Thank you for the Blog Award nomination Shirl.




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