Sunday, February 24, 2008

Private Viewing
I recently took a trip to a private site that has a number of small hides and feeding stations set up. I have previously visited before although the numbers of birds seemed to be lower than usual which probably was related to a very mild spell of weather. However a enjoyable session was still to be had. At this site the birds are at really close range which allows the use of the 300mm F4 lens. Here are a selection of shots from the day.
The sadly rapidly declining tree sparrow
A male bullfinch in some winter sunLong-tailed tit
A jay dropped in for a very brief and close visist
I have a fondness for Reed bunting and I was pleased with this visit from a female
Not a bird often associated with feeding stations a goldcrest was making regular visits to a fat filled log.
To finish this post with a splash of 'imported' colour a pheasant and a red-legged partridge.


Gerard van der Net said...

I like your photography.
really nicely done!


Sandpiper said...

Beautiful birds!! Really nice shots.

Rich Steel said...

Thank you for your comments Gerard and Sandpiper.


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