Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Support Testing

I decided it was about time to get a tripod. It still probably will not get used a great deal, as afterall I have managed up until now without one but sure it will have its occasional uses especially when in the hide.

Thought I would give the new camera support a test out with some birds in the garden. These were taken sitting in the kitchen through the open back door. Possibly the ultimate in hide comfort. First with some blue tits
Some junior greenfinch which are new garden visitors.
and a young house sparrow and goldfinch for good measure.


farmingfriends said...

This is amazing photography. Do you know how to tell the difference between the house sparrow and the tree sparrow?
Sara from farmingfriends

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Sara. If you got to my post of March 15th there is a shot of a tree sparrow there. They have a complete brown cap whereas the male house sparrow has a grey cap. Both males and females are similar looking in the tree sparrow.




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