Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bushy Reds

This is my last post from my visit to Bushy Park and this one will just be dedicated to shots of some of the Red deer. It would nice to watch these animals rutting which will occur over the next few weeks, although my visit was probably a good time to get close enough to the big stags without getting chased all over the parkland.
Potrait of a younger male
A female that kept going up on to her back legs to chew on some low tree branches, she is looking up here to find the next branch to attack.Think I was spotted!!!What I was really trying to find was one of the big old stags and was not disappointed. This one had already lost its velvet from the antlers and sharpened them up ready for the rut.After a bit of searching I found a stag with the 12 points on the antlers that qualifies it as being a 'Royal Stag', a fitting end to my visit to this royal parkland.

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