Friday, August 24, 2007

Park Life

I have been working down in London most of this week and decided to drop into Bushy Park to take some photos while I was in the area, although the light and weather were terrible. The park is huge with large areas of rough grassland and bracken interspersed with row plantings of mature trees. It is an interesting place with numbers of wild fallow and red deer, togther with a good range of birds including noisey flocks of ring necked parakeets, green woodpecker and Egyptian geese. I will spread the shot over 2 or 3 posts and will start with the Fallow deer.

This seemed to be the most dominant male of the fallow deer I came across, still with velvet on the its antlers. The Fallow deer, although use to seeing people around, are still very flighty and I was glad to have the 500mm lens with me.
Unfortunately there was not really enough light to get any actions shots but managed to get a couple despite very low shutter speeds.

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