Sunday, August 19, 2007

On the Beach

I called into the Gronant Nature Reserve the other day, after a poor start to day where the first site I visited had vegetation obscuring the views from the hides and the second site was closed. It was my first visit to Gronant which I know holds populations of Little Terns. the terns had mostly left but there were still some flying over the beach and managed to get my first shot of one.
Given that the terns were playing hard to get I thought I Would try and get some shots of the Ringed Plover on the beach. These are not the easiest birds to get near on an open beach but managed to get some shots after a bit of patience and waiting.

1 comment:

Kirsten De Laet said...


Just found your blog and i must admid, your photos are very nice and beautiful !
I was wondering if you could show the exif, today i made many pics from birds on the beach but i do miss a lot of sharpness.
So if you could be so kind to let us know what aperture, shutterspeed, ISO you have used for these photos ? Thanks !!


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