Monday, August 06, 2007

Harewood House

I am still awaiting the return of the 500mm lens so have not bothered with a great deal of bird photography recently. I was over at Harewood House in Yorkshire at the weekend where they have an aviary and so decided to do some captive bird shots. It was difficult shooting conditions with poor light, fine meshed and heavily overgrown enclosures but some interesting birds were to be found there.

Stanley Crane
A young African Grey Crowned Crane
Fulvous tree duck
Masked Plover
Toucan Hornbill
I must admit I cannot remember the name of this one but impressively coloured plummage

and a young snowy owl to finish off.

1 comment:

PMella said...

Great pictures!

I think the one you couldn't remember is a red-crestes turaco.


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