Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More from Tenerife

Besides the Canary there were numerous other types of birds to be found around the back of the hotel during my stay. Large numbers of the Canary island race of ChiffChaff were present. They look very similar to the UK version but the song lacks the 'chaf'

A bird which I found really tricky was the Sardinian Warbler as they love to skulk in vegetation and I only had two opportunities to get a clear shot all week.

Another bird which I found of interest were the Turtle Doves as I have only seen one in the UK.

This one looking for seeds amongst the irrigation pipes in the flower beds

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Pamela said...

Just wated to say that I am really enjoying your photos. I live in the north west corner of Tenerife, where there are a lot of birds, but I'm only just learning to identify and appreciate them. You are helping me a lot, because your photos are so much clearer than the books I have.


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