Saturday, April 21, 2007

Down on the River
There is a small river that runs close to my office which allows me the time to have 40 minutes photography during my lunch hour, so I paid some visits during last week mainly to get some grey wagtail shots. Grey wagtails have also been a bit of problem bird for me, as I have seen plenty but only ever got one shot, a situation which needed to be rectified. However, the first bird I came across was the resident dipper and I was fortunate to have between me and the bird which allowed a close approach.
I found a pair of grey wagtails and they were in a smilar location on each short session I went allowing to make the most of my 40 minutes with them each day.

The male bird
and unusually perched in a tree having been scared there by a unleased dog.
and the less colourful female
No need to guess what was on the wagtail lunch menu from this shot.

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