Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Birds of Tenerife

The reason for the lack of posts on the Blog over the last week is due to me a couple of thousand miles due south taking a holiday in North-West Tenerife with my better half. This was not a photographic holiday but as they say 'have camera will travel' and I had to take odd half hours here and there to get some shots with the 100-400mm (travel) lens. Fortuantely the hotel was on the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz and around the back of the hotel were some formal gardens and an area of scrub for me to wander around. I will post the resulting efforts over several posts as I have quite a few shots to go through but will start with one of the most common birds to be found at the back of the hotel, wild canaries. This one was gathering seed to feed young.

A female
and a youngster
Gathering seed which can be thirsty work and to finish off, you certainly do not need an alarm clock in the Canary islands.

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