Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Light with the Groppers

Crawled out my bed at first light on Saturday with a specific goal in mind to try and get some shots of Grasshopper Warbler ('Groppers'), a species I have not yet managed to photograph. I must thank a a local bird watcher who told me he had just passed a bird 'reeling' on top of some brambles. I tracked the bramble bush from the constant purring 'grasshopper' sound and then had to wait paitently until the bird presented a clear shot which fortuantely it did. So here are a few of the shots.

What I was realy after was some shots of a bird in full song and after some more waiting and more waiting one eventually obliged.

Finally one appeared where I wanted it, so took a few shots and then back home for breakfast with a smile on my face.

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