Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Session of 2008

I spent the day out and about with the camera yesterday to fit in one last session for the year. Despite some poor light conditions and some freezing temperatures a good number of species found there way in front of the lens and a most enjoyable way to finish an interesting year.
A bullfinch appearing very plump with its fluffed up feathers to try and keep the cold at bay.
Goldfinch feeding on teasel
The tiny and hyeractive Goldcrest which proved very tricky with the lack light
It is always good to see the rapidly declining Tree sparrow
A female Great Spotted Woodpecker hammering into a silver birch

A Fieldfare feeding on some apples
There were two main highlights to the day. Firstly a bird that is difficult to approach and photograph and also sadly disappearing rapidly the Grey PartridgeThe other highlight is a bird that I have not photographed for two years since one landed in my back garden back in January 2006, the Brambling.
Overall it has been a good year with 7 mammal species photographed, including a large library of brown hares, and 139 bird species ranging from the common to very rare such as the Ross's Gull that appeared back in the spring. I would like to thank all of you that have taken the time to read , support and comment on my Blog during this year and wish you all a wonderful and wildlife filled 2009.


Little Brown Job said...

Great Brambling shots, especially with the poor light we've had recently. Have a great 2009, hopefully with some sunshine soon!


Amanda said...

That Bullfinch is about the cutest thing I have seen! So fat and pink!

T and S said...

Stunning series of images. The incredible details, composition, the bokeh and the pose. In summary these are bird photography of top notch quality. Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful year 2009

Jenny said...

Lovely shots!

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for all your replies. I was really pleased to put some brambling back in front of the lens after a long absence. Beautiful birds which no doubt will be heading back north and across the North Sea soon.




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