Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dalston Waxwings

A good number of waxwings have arrived in the UK. They are slowly eating their way south but impatience got the better of me and I decided to head north to find some. Waxwings have always been a bird that I haven't done very well with on my previous two attempts which was mainly down to where they were and weather conditions. So I was optimistic as I went in search of them on a bright sunny winters day. On arrival, once again the location was not ideal with the birds feeding on two rowan trees just inside a school grounds and next to main road. However, given the 60 or so birds present more photo opportunities were presented than on my previous attempts. The birds were quite nervous and would take flight everytime a lorry thundered down the road. Here are a small selection of images and hopefully the first of many more this winter.
A pleasing sight to greet any photographer of numerous waxwings perched before flying down on mass to the rowan trees.During the feeding periods the action is fast and furious as numerous birds descend upon the tree for a few moments of frenzied feeding.
Down the hatch
This bird is just in the process of swallowing one of the large berries and showing its unusual shaped tongue.


Tabib said...

Amazing waxwings feeding series!
The 3rd picture is my pick with compliment grey sky.

T and S said...

Richard : This is a series of stunning images. Awesome details, colors and above all composition.

I m not able to pick a best for the series so all of them are beautiful...Thomas

Anonymous said...

Fantastic captures! Excellent frozen moments! Bravo!
Cheers, Klaus

Snowbabies said...

Beautiful series of shots Rich!


Amanda said...

Awesome photos

animtreebird said...

Very beautiful birds. Nice set of photos. :))) I take pictures of birds of South India.

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for all your comments. I am still waiting for some birds to appear locally but it just seems to be the odd one or two passing through. However, the winter is far from over yet :)




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