Thursday, December 11, 2008

Preston Waxwings

Given that it is a good year for waxwings, I thought I would try and get some more photos of them. I had a couple of hours spare at the weekend and headed up to Preston where two sizable flocks were being reported. I looked around for a couple of hours at the reported sites without luck and was just about to head off home when a text alert came through on the mobile phone with a recent sighting nearby. I headed straight there and a flock of around 50 birds were feeding on two rowan trees planted against a brick building.
After a bit of moving about I managed to get into a position where the bricks could be blured to form a orange background that really complimented the colour of the birds.
Waxwings are great birds to photograph an the feeding action can be intense with these acrobatic birds.
Hopefully some more of these colourful birds will pass in front of the lens before the winter is over.


Anonymous said...

Your photographs are always a pleasure to look at and get better and better, on every visit there's always something to excite and these are the birds.


Tabib said...

Great feeding series..

T and S said...

WOW...what an amazing series Richard. You have captured them in every possible pose and the action is awesome.

The details, bokeh & composition are mindblowing...Thomas

Rich Steel said...

Dave, Tabib and Thomas, many thanks for your replies. Waxwings are such beautiful and unusual birds and its a pleasure to photograph them in good winter light.



Fadil Wimala said...

this bird is very pretty, great shots!


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