Sunday, November 30, 2008

'Barwits' and Plovers

During certain tides, good numbers of Bar tailed Godwits ('Barwit')gather up briefly on one the local beaches. I have watched them for a while but never got down to actually having a proper attempt at photographing them. A plan was formulated to attempt to get close enough to this nervous flock to try and photograph them. The was going to involve getting covered in mud and getting the timing just right.

First birds to fall in the camera viewfinder were some grey plover which kept their distance but I thought I would take some 'environment' shots anyway as the winter sea provided a good background and this is a species I have not photogrtaphed before.
The Bar-tailed Godwit plan worked quite well (at least until the first beach dog walkers appeared)and I was pleased with the results from this first attempt.
The early morning light combined with the wet sand created some interesting lighting conditions. I must admit being embedded in amongst a feeding Bar Tail flock was great fun and an experience I hope to repeat in the not too distant future.


Snowbabies said...

Beautiful shots Rich!


Rich Steel said...

Mant thanks Paul. I hope to have some more sessions with the Godwits as it was very enjoyable if not a little uncomfortable.



Fadil Wimala said...

wow, where is this?


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