Sunday, April 27, 2008

Local Wanderings

I have spent some time recently on my local patch photographing the local residents and some of the migrants as they are arriving. Male kestrels always seem to avoid me so I was pleased when this one decided to hover near by before it made a low and close fly-by.
I constantly find myself drawn back to the skylarks. It is such a pleasant experience just to watch these birds when lying in some grass close-by and observing their behaviour. I have had some birds within 10ft.Some pre-flight checks and getting ready for take-offBefore fluttering upwards for several hundred feet in song (in this case towards the sun)whilst being watched by your competitiors on the ground below.Linnet are such difficult birds to approach and photograph and usually disappear long before you can anyhere close to them. Spring seems to offer some of the best opportunities to get any shots as they perch on the coastal gorse.
Good numbers of Northern Wheatear are continuing to pass through and offer the occasional photo opportunity.Reedbeds are always worth looking over at this time of the year, although never easy to get photos especially if there is a breeze blowing the stems around. The reed bunting are looking at their best and the numbers of warblers are increasing.
Sedge warbler


Jenny said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful birds! It's such a treat to visit your blog.

Stacey Huston said...

Love ALL your bird posts, but the kestrel is my favorite, and your right yours are way different than the one I had.. thanks for sharing

Sandpiper said...

Outstanding pictures, as always! I've been very busy, so I'm playing catch-up here today. I enjoyed your previous posts, as well. Your pictures are beautiful.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for your comments. Spring is my favourite time of year and I am just spoilt with the variety of birds to photograph. The last week of warm weather has certainly started to make up for a very cold spring.




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