Sunday, April 13, 2008

Temporary Feeding Station

I decided I would take a feeder, some sun flower hearts and fatballs on my trip to Cornwall just in case there was some possibilities to set-up a mini feeding station in the garden. On arrival I noticed an existing nut feeder located outside the kitchen window by the front door. So I added a couple of fallen branches out of the garden to attach my offerings next to it, as the birds were already coming into this area. This allowed me to then take photos through the front door while sitting in the house which was probably just as well as we experienced all four seasons of weather during the week's stay. In hindsight my only regret was that I did not spend more time wandering around the garden or setting up another feeder elsewhere and on the last day realised I had missed out on a chance of getting some Marsh tit and Siskin photos. I did not spend a great deal of time photographing the birds, as that was not really the purpose of the holiday, and it was usually either a short session in the morning or after a day out exploring North Cornwall. I have posted a small selection of shots from the temporary feeding station.
Blue tits
and in some April snowFemale and Male Greenfinch
Female House sparrowMale Chaffinch
Goldfinchand Nuthatch
Wandering around the garden I also just about managed a photo of this willow warbler which refused to allow me a completely clear shot as it moved through some low branches.
and one of the resident wrens
They always amaze me that such a small bird can produce such a loud song.


Klaus said...

Great shot's all of them and a wonderful blog, Rich!
I sure will be back!

Anonymous said...

The Blue Tit in the snow, is just beautiful! Some lovely pics, well done.

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for your comments Klaus and Stephen.


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