Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pigeons and Doves

I have been getting a few pigeon and dove shots during January and so thought I would combine them in to a post. I guess they are a group of birds that does not receive a great deal of attention due to being a common sight.
Starting with the largest UK species the Wood Pigeon taken in some very gloomy conditions.
I often use feral pigeons for practicing my flight photography and what may seem easy actually presents quite a challenge. Here on with the 'landing gear' down.
and a less common coloured one flying past.
I currently have 6 collared doves regularly visiting the backgarden and its good to see some activitiy with it being generally quite for birds there at the moment.Moving over to local woodland, I took a trip out yesterday hoping to get some stock dove photographs. I managed a couple but feel the need to return to get some more.


nina said...

Sometimes, the simplest are overlooked, but no less beautiful.

Sandpiper said...

Beautiful captures!

Lita said...

You gave me a new appreciation for the common ... :)


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