Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Flying Start to the Year

The first couple of days of 2008 were slow due to terrible light conditions. I took a visit up to my feeding station to undertake the twice weekly filling of the feeders and stayed for a short session. It was fairly quiet up there, I think mainly due to the nearby presence of a sparrowhawk that fly past quite regularly. Still managed to get a couple of shots.

Blue titA chirping Coal tit
and the male woodpecker was doing his usual rounds
The real treat though came on the way home when a flock of fieldfare were located. The Fieldfare is a bird that I have struggled to photograph for the last to winters, mainly because they are so shy and flighty. Usually if you at look at them sideways from a 100 metres they are off, so I made the most of this good opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed looking at your latest photos. I hadn't realised that fieldfare's were quite so beautiful - I've never seen one for more than a flash (as you say, they never stay still usually).

Do you have your feeding station on land that you own somewhere? and your hide? You make it sound as if it is miles away.... intriguing.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for your comment. Fieldfare are beautiful birds but usually very difficult to get close to to photograph.

I have a feeding station in North Wales on some private land that I have gained permission to access. It is about 35 miles from home but only 5 minutes from my office which allows me to fill the feeders during my lunch hour.


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