Friday, January 18, 2008

More Waders

I just can't seem to keep myself away from waders and never seem to grow tired of photographing them. Firstly a bit of double vision with a pair of redshank. This required stopping the lens down to F10 to get both birds sharp in the frame. It took quite a while to get this photo as the bird on the right insisted on constantly looking away.
Turnstone are common birds on the local shore and so its often easy to walk past them whilst looking for something more 'exotic'.
but difficult to ignore when they are glowing in a brief moment of sunlight between the rain clouds.The bird that I am often looking for, which leads to the Turnstone, being ignored is the Purple Sandpiper. There have been quite good numbers present locally this year.
To finish off and as regular readers will know, one of my favourite waders to photograph the sanderling. These shots were taken handheld but I have just built a ground pod for the camera which should hopefully open up a new low perspective on these birds. I will post some details about this after I have given it a good testing.


Island Rambles Blog said...

Lovely photos ....we have similar shorebirds here...I have a great deal of difficulty getting one bird sharp, let alone two! Interested in the gound pod thing you are talking about.

Rich Steel said...

Hi Ocean

The groundpod is nearly complete I am just making some minor modifications. Once finished and I have given it a testing I will post a shot of it and detail how it was made.




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