Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lapwing Action

I have taken the odd lapwing photograph before but never any of them in flight and so decided to try and rectify this the other day. There is a field close to my home where I go to take curlew photographs that currently has about 500 lapwings sat in it, so this seemed the obvious place to head for. Before attempting any flight shots I thought I would just get a few of the birds strutting around and bathing. They really are a beautiful bird when the light hits them at the right angle.
On to some attempts at flight shots. They are quite difficult to catch in flight as they can and often do change direction very rapidly whilst in flight. they are easiest to get during take-off and landing

Stretching those characreristic broad wings.


Jane said...

These are stunning pictures. So incredibly sharp and clear. Brilliant!

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Jane. Its amazing the difference a bit of sunshine can make to the shots.



Steve Race said...


Fantastic flight shots, its great when you can get some decent light for a change.

Are you still using the Canon Mark III camera and if so have you encountered any problems with the autofocus system. I am thinking of making a purchase and just wondered if you were happy with yours.

Steve Race

Rich Steel said...

Steve thanks for your comment. These shots were taken with the MK3which has just been collected by Canon for the sub-mirror fix, as mine apparently is one of the faulty ones. However, having said that I have been very happy with the MK3 body and how its has performed and the image quality and its handling of colour, tone graduation and details in black and whites is simply superb.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi I guess you have a fixed 500 lens at F4. I am getting a new Canon lens and it is so hard to know what to get for birding. I love all your photos.

Rich Steel said...

Hi Ocean

If you can afford the hefty finance hit, I would say with out a doubt go for the 500mm lens which I think is the best birding lens made by Canon. Its light enough to handhold (the 600mm isn't) and performs well with the 1.4 Teleconvertor.




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