Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Back-end Waders

I got a bit behind with my posts at the end of 2007, particularly with the large number of wader shots I accumulated so decided to combine some into one large post so that I can get on with starting to post the first shots of 2008.

Starting of with some Knot. I am fortunate to have some huge flocks on the local estuary which form impressive swirling flocks.
I managed to located a spot where I could get close to individual birds although it did mean lying down on some very cold concrete.
I only managed to get a couple of shots of Oystercatcher.
A couple of Redshank thrown in for good measure

The tiny dunlin
One of my favourite waders to photograph are Sanderling which keep you on your toes as they rush in and out of the tide line.
and in mid-runAt the larger end of the scale I found some Bar-tailed and Black-tailed godwits in amonsgt the curlew.
and some curlew to finish.
I know it not a wader but I will stick the shot on the end of this post as I really want to get on with 2008, a short-eared owl in the late afternoon out on the salt marshes.


Steve Race said...

Amazing pictures Richard, the Short Eared Owl shot should be "Birdguides" photo of the week, a superb image, well done.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Steve. Unfortunately the owl didn't make POW but there is always next week :)


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