Saturday, November 22, 2008

Battling with Time and the Elements

Unfortunately I have not had much camera time during the last couple of weeks as I have been very busy with work and the weather has not been great. In fact I have just got up early this morning hoping to get out and the forecast, not only for today but the whole weekend looks grim. No doubt as I step into the office on Monday the sun will shine!

The few odd snatched moments of time have produced a couple of photos. There has been a young Great Northern Diver that has taken up residence on the local marine lake. This is a big lake and the bird has spent a great deal of time out of range in the middle. I was fortunate to get one close swim-by on a very windy day.
Unusually on the same day I also had a photographic first, a duck also appeared on the lake which at first I thought was a Tufted Duck and it was not until I got the photographs home that I realised it was a drake Scaup. A pleasant bonus.
I also came across a lone male shoveler on a local lake


Steve said...

Really enjoyed looking through your blog. some great pictures. Well done with the Scaup....i have done the same in the past with the same species.

Amanda said...

Your photos are gorgeous!!!

T and S said...

Beautiful images, the close up is my pick in this series

GutsyWriter said...

I always admire beautiful photos of animals that leave that special feeling when you see them. Fantastic.
Keep taking more.

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for your replies and comments. I would like to put some more time with the Great Northern Diver but it is a very time demanding bird and I am short supply of that precious commoditiy at the moment.




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