Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beach Runners

When it comes to photographing wading birds, Sanderling appear very high on my list of favourites. They can be quite confiding but are always constantly busy searching for food at the water's edge of an incoming tide. This gives great potential for some interesting action photography with the further bonus of watching the behaviour of these birds at close quarters.

The fun really starts when they are in full stride along the beach and these small birds cover ground very quickly.Airbourne without wings


kyles anima said...

without wings is a great shot!

great blog!

T and S said...

Beautiful series of images of this cute bird. I particularly like the last 2 images where the birds airborne without actually flying. The lighting, the exposure and the shutter speed is just perfect...Thomas

Anonymous said...

Excellent Sanderling Photos in Perpetual Motion. They are some of my favourite shorebirds too.

Anonymous said...

Excellent - gorgeous light and precious low POV! Bravo!
Cheers, Klaus

Jane said...

God I love these photos they are gorgeous. The depth of field and point of view really make them... Made me look at these birds in a whole new way. Jane

Billy Dykes said...

Hi Richard,
You have a great blog running here and stunning photos! I love the Storm Petrols!
Id love to add you to my links list.
Cheers, Billy

Photo-Africa said...

Great series of images. Glad I found your blog.

When I have a moment I will be back to look around some more!!

Best regards,

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for your comments and replies, appreciated as always. I decided on another session with the Sanderling recently so some more photos of these wonderful little birds will be posted soon.




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