Sunday, July 06, 2008

Where It All Started

I thought I would do a mini series of posts of my journey in to wildlife photography. My love of photography started back in 2005 with fish. Not that I was prepared to jump into a wetsuit, this was strictly photographing my own and public aquaria on terra firma. This type of photography is far removed from my current methods and requires multiple flash set-up on the home aquaria and coping with the diffculties of thick perspex and awkward tanks and lighting in public aquaria.

I keep two tanks at home, a 'community tropical tank' and a larger tank with mbuna cichlids from lake Malawi.
A few shots from the community tank, starting with a 'Guppy Train'Male Congo Tetra
A Sailfin 'Plec' known as 'Iggy' who is now about 14" long.
From the Malawi Tank, I won't bother with the names of these fish as they are all long and in latin. They are generally aggressive fish, which mainly feed by scraping algae from rocks and are mouthbrooders. Beautiful but quite high maintenance.
Obviously there is only so many times you can photograph or your own fish, although I still have an occasional session. I then progressed on to public aquariums. This presented a whole range of new challenges that I will discuss in the next post of this series.


kjpweb said...

You did a great job on those - light, color and detail are excellent!
Cheers, Klaus

P said...

Richard, congrats on an amazing blog, your photos are an inspiration to an amateur like myself. I'm using a canon 400D and producing some reasonable shots but I have so much to learn. I'm seriously thinking of seeking out a night school course after summer. Keep up the great work.

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks Peter and Klaus. Fish photography is always a good pastime for those long dark winter nights.




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