Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meltdown and Public Aquariums

Apologies for the lack of posts during this last week, but I have been away on a trip to Ireland. While away my computer seems to have gone into meltdown mode, although fortunately nothing is lost. As it will take a short while to get fully back up and running, I thought it was a good opportunity to continue my story in photography.
Public aquariums were my next target. These present so many photographic difficulties. Low light, the use of flash prohibited in some areas or the whole aquarium, thick tank glass or perspex on large tanks and the use of curved tanks. I have visited many public aquariums and making the most of conditions is always a challenge. If you are allowed to use flash then my recommendation would be to use a flash diffuser and angle it upwards. Also by shooting slightly downwards helps reduce reflections.

Here are a selection from the Birmingham Sealife Centre, starting with a barracuda head shot:
Panther Grouper are always good subject as they are slow moving!!

From my local aquarium, the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire:
A yawn from the largest freshwater fish in the world.
and some shark and awe to finish this post.


kjpweb said...

Awesome shots, Rich! Excellent light in all of those shots and you handled the exposure great!
Cheers, Klaus

P said...

More great fotos Richard, have you ever kept Oscars? They're my favourites, I had some several years ago, fantastic markings.
Largest freshwater fish in the world...never realised they had an arapaima at Blue Planet, must go and see that, amazing creature.

Rich Steel said...

Thank you Klaus and Peter. I have never kept Oscars but know they can be very entertaining fish. The Arapaima in the Blue Planet is well worth checking.




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