Friday, July 04, 2008

Some of the Locals

Its entering a quiet time of year for the birds locally. There are still some to be photographed though, although the warm bright weather has not created the best light during the day for photography, with high contrats conditions.

There are still some skylarks to be found. There is something about this species that holds my facination. They may not be the most visually colourful but they make up for that in their behaviour and song.
Its not often you see them perched on plants or singing when not in flight.
Pairs of stonechats are still to be found amongst the dunes along the coast. For some reason this year I seem to be photographing many females, which are usually the more wary. I found a solitary Knot, a reminder that some of the waders will be returning from the north soon. Unusually, considering its June, it was already in full winter plumage.

This is probably the worst time of year to photograph waterfowl which are in eclipse plumage. However, this passing shelduck caught my eye.

The other birds gathering locally at the moment are Sandwich Terns that roost on some of the local beaches at high tide. However, they are difficult to photograph and it a case of hoping for a close fly-by, as they move around the beach.

Some of the birds turning into winter plumage with the black cap turning to white.


kjpweb said...

If I would have to give out a meaningful award for bird photography, you sure would be on the short list! Keep 'em coming!
Cheers, Klaus

Jane said...

I agree with Klaus, your pics are stunning. They cheer me up every time I look at a new post. OK, skylarks are little brown birds but I've seen them in a new light with that gorgeous crest on top of their head. I watched a pair of stonechats in France last week (wish I'd managed some decent pictures...) however the flycatchers have hatched in our camera box, so I will be hoping to get some interesting footage of them in the next week or so. Jane

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the comments Klaus and Jane. No need to worry about more shots coming Klaus.

Jane its a pleasure to share my photos and the wonders of nature. Skylarks are far from just little brown birds and I feel honoured to have spent time in close proximity to them, watching them go about their business on the ground. Congratulations on the Spotted Flycatchers, a species that has eluded my camera to date.


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