Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beautiful Brown Hares

As regular readers will know I have a real fondness for photographing brown hares. I love to watch their antics and their unpredictable and shy behaviour always creates a good challenge. Sometimes I just put the camera to one side and enjoy watching them.

For those who have not seen a hare at full run the speed they can produce is blistering. In full flight...
and always enjoyable to watch the chases and female fending off the advances of males.
I came close again to catching that boxing moment but still not quite there. I am sure one day my perserverence will be rewarded.One thing I know for sure I will never tire of photographing these beautiful and interesting animals.


Tommy V said...

wow... wonderful pictures of the rabbets. you caught them in some great positions. I really enjoy your blog and will be back.

kjpweb said...

Running out of attributes, Rich!
Just say it's perfect!
Thank you for sharing and Cheers, Klaus

Ken said...

Enjoyed looking through your images. Nice diverse collection of quality images. Blue Skies-Ken

Rich Steel said...

Tommy, Klaus and Ken. Many thanks for the comments.




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