Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back Garden Visitors

My back garden has been reasonably busy with birds over the past couple of weeks so thought it about time to point the lens back in that direction. I had a a blackbird nesting in a bush near the kitchen window. She was perfectly happy and sitting on 4 eggs. Her is the female taking a short break from her incubating duties.
Then last week a magpie started visiting the garden. Two days later the blackbird's nest had been ransacked and the eggs gone. House sparrows are nesting in the roof and the first brood has recently fledged. This is one of the new youngsters.
and the male bird.
and some communal bathing.
The occasional starling is also visiting which acts a good splash of colour in the right light.
The goldfinches have been visiting in numbers and the first young are also putting in appearance.
The only other regular visitor of note at the moment is a stunning male greenfinch which are rarely seen in the garden. To date I have not got a decent photograph of this bird has it is playing hard to get.


Jane said...

Stunning pictures as always. I always love looking at them. I don't always comment... but I do always look! Jane

Jenny said...

A beautiful glimpse of your garden! So sorry to hear about your blackbird's nest, I know magpies need to eat too but even so...

Snowbabies said...

Some lovely shots there :-)


Ecobirder said...

Very nice photos.

Rich Steel said...

Mny thanks for all your comments. Despite being a small urban garden, I have quite a good variety of birds coming in. It is also interesting to watch how different species come and go throughout the year.




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