Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heading North For Seabirds - Onwards to Inner Farne

The second island to be visited on the Farnes Islands trip is Inner Farne Island. This is my favourite of the two due to the large numbers of arctic and sandwich terns. Still the misty conditions preveiled. For those of you that have not visited Inner Farne an essential piece of equipment is a good hat, to repel the sustained attacks of the arctic terns as soon as you step from the boat. This recommendation should not be taken lighty as I have seen blood drawn from those without headwear. The attack of the terns offers some good opportunity for getting some close up flight shots. With the misty conditions all flight shots were going to be against a white sky but I think arctic terns are one of the few species for which this high key effect works, given their translucent wings and colouring.

To give you an impression of the tern attacks this is a photo of my friend Steve in the process of being dive bombed.
Starting the dive of the next attack

They are very elegant birds despite the aggression
and they look so innocent when perched. As you move up the path it is almost a relief to move away from the attacks and up to the area of the Sandwich Tern colony. I was really hoping to get some good photos of the sandwich terns but the misty conditions was making life difficult, especially with the birds being more distant. I didn't really get the photos I was after so looks like a returm trip next year maybe be required. A bird came in and two of them immediately started strutting in unison.Another bird coming in to land at the colony. I got so preoccupied by the terns that before I knew it it was time to head back to the jetty for the boat, so half the island didn't really get much attention.
However, the day was not over yet.... :)

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kjpweb said...

Top notch captures! These Terns are almost angelic - the way you captured them over the white background! Kudos!
Cheers, Klaus


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