Friday, December 21, 2007

Scarce Gulls

Most days as I drive along the long promenade on my route to and from work I check to see if there are any scarce gull species about. The main species I am usually looking for is the Mediterranean Gull. Well I have come across none on this daily routine for months, until this week. They can be quite tricky to spot amongst the groups of Black-headed gulls and my quick identification method is to look for white tail feathers.Another scarce gull species, the Iceland gull, also recently appeared at a lake near my office, so I headed out in my lunch break armed with a loaf of bread as I have not photographed these before. This lake has about 1500 gulls on it so it was a bit of tricky initally finding the bird. The light was at a difficult angle.


ChiliLady said...

I wish you Merry Christmas!!

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Chili and Merry Christmas to you.



Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

Merry Xmas


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