Saturday, December 01, 2007

Formby Fox

I recently called into Formby Point to photograph some red squirrels. However, the squirrels were soon forgotten when a vixen appeared and put on a great display to a gathering crowd. She slowly worked her way through the pine forest which gave a good opportunity to get some shots in dfferent lights and against different backgrounds. She came so close at time that I needed to switch to a 300mm lens just to get head shots. Here are a colection of some of those images. Great to watch one of these animals at such close quarters in daylight
and a head shot, she seems to be suffering with a bit of a tick infestations around her ears.


Jane said...

Beautiful shots. Although looking through your blog I can tell that ALL your shots are great. I was just looking at Shirl's blog and saw your link. Really glad I visited!

GedC said...

Rich - do you sell copies of your photos? GedC

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Jane.

Ged there is a link to my email on my profile.

Fen said...

Excelent photos Rich, glad to see the fox is still doing well.

I am jealous of the great light you had, It was really dull and overcast last time I went (enough of the excuses).

Beautiful shots in great settings.

Mike (also Fenskem on BF)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This vixen looks as though she got into the coal bin. Her forelegs are black. Poor thing. Wish I could pull those ticks. Makes my ears itch just seeing them. UGH


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