Sunday, December 16, 2007

As a bird photographer it is often easy to overlook the common species and with living by the coast I tend to take gulls for granted. However, I have been building up a collection of gull shots recently and thought I would select a few for a compilation post. Starting off with the very common, the black-headed gull. I often use them for practicing my flying bird shots.
This bird was going through the motions of calling but no sound was emerging.
We have plenty of common gull locally, which are comical to watch as the drop shellfish, dug from the beach, on to concrete from height to get at the contents. This bird was just about to drop into a dive having dropped a cockle.
On the beach and taking a dip
Moving up the size scale to the Herring GullThe Lesser Black-backed gull on a sunny morningand the largest gull, a Greater Black-backed gull on a gloomy morning. These seem to be increasing in numbers locally andare very impressive and predatory birds.


Jane said...

I loved the common gull just about to drop into a dive, and the herring gull. The shapes their wings make is just stunning. As you say, it's so easy to ignore the common birds... this set of photos goes to show that we should "never" do that.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Black-headed gull is common where you are??? Be still my heart. I have never seen one before. I look through Bonapart Gulls trying to find one black headed gull and I never find one. Sigh..

Good pictures of the gulls.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for your comments Jane and Lisa. We are always on the look out here in the UK for Bonatparte gull which are very scarce. The Black-headed gull is one of our most common species here.




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